After 1:00 pm is the product of an attempt to activate an archive of images (from the Bohol project). Taking inspiration from the Derive, an image of light entering a room and illuminating a single portrait provided an emotional stopping point. While standing in the doorframe of my bedroom, I found myself feeling the same emotional barrier as I did with the aforementioned image.

As a derive into my mind, After 1:00 pm became about removing the hand of the artist, and leaving everything to feeling and emotion; camera settings and time of day remained constants. What I was left with was a series of photographs that are seemingly about repetition. When you explore the images even further, traces of human occupancy and life can be found, which act as clues into my emotional and physical state at that moment in time. 

The project is shown as light boxes, in order to replicate the feeling of chancing upon the space, and being greeted by the quality of light entering the room on that particular moment.

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